Winter Storage Tips


  1. Remove all food and drinks.
  2. Clean surfaces that may have a “food” odor that can attract insects and rodents.
  3. Close all blinds to avoid sun exposure to drapes, carpets and furniture.
  4. Prop refrigerator door open after it has been thoroughly cleaned.
  5. Remove dry cell batteries from detectors and flashlights.
  6. If you have vent covers, leave roof vents open just a crack for air flow.
  7. Winterize the fresh water system. SEE WINTERIZING TIPS HERE



  1. Wash exterior.
  2. Wash awning – allow to fully dry before storing.
  3. Clear slide-out roofs and wash slide-out awnings, allow to fully dry.
  4. Close slide-outs.
  5. Retract adjustable stabilizer jacks.
  6. Close LP tank valves.
  7. Hybrid & Fold down tents should be cleaned and fully dry.
  8. Unplug electric cable and store.
  9. Disconnect leads to battery(ies). (If leaving batteries on RV be sure they are fully charged. If removing batteries-wipe dry and store fully charged.)
  10. Check all roof and exterior sealants.
  11. Check under RV for openings that insects and rodents could enter.
  12. Check tire inflation. Cover tires to protect from sun exposure.
  13. Dump black and grey holding tanks.
  14. If you cover your RV, use only a breathable cover.

Motorhome owners should check all engine fluids, top off fuel tanks and add fuel stabilizer as per instructions.

If you have a generator, follow manufacturer’s instructions.


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